Education and Irish Heritage

Education has been the main vehicle to steer the Irish from rag tattered refugees to captains of business and industry. Education has always been a priority for the Irish in America and it is in dire need of funding at all levels. Education has been and will continue to be the touchstone that elevates the Irish people.

Educational and Irish Heritage Projects:

  • National History Day: Projects and presentations by Middle and High School Students on a History Theme at the University of Maryland. First Prize, two tickets to Ireland or $1,000.00 along with a gold medal. Awards are also made for second and third place also. Judging is by our National Historian and a Committee from the AOH/LAOH.
  • National Social Studies Conference: We take a booth and the National Historians Committee encourages Social Studies teachers to utilize materials on Ireland.
  • Study Abroad: Scholarships ($500.00) to children or grandchildren of AOH members if they wish to continue their College studies for a semester in Ireland
  • Irish Way: Two Scholarships for our member’s children or grandchildren to participate in the Irish emersion project to attend summer school and live with an Irish family for several weeks each summer.